hey guys,

I just had an idea.. since our installation is a bit abstract way of showing our thoughts about the design process, I was thinking of balancing it with some catchy/witty/short statements from us (printed black and white, with a nice font) posters on the wall/corner where the installation will be. I think the fact that we are going to have something more arty, doesn’t mean that a minimal additional thing can’t be part of our exhibition, too. I wrote thing, because it could be anything printed.. Posters would look good I think, but if you have another idea, tell me about it, because we have to put some explanation there about the installation anyways.. Here is something similar made me think of it, its called Base’s (one of my fav. gr. design studios) 5 minutes poster series.

We could also make it more personal, for example writing it with our own handwriting with a big chunky black marker and then we could sign it… I don’t know, just some ideas.. but tell me what do you think about it!! If you say yes, I am fine for editing this part of the exhibition! I think that it could be nice to have something abiding from this exhibition, and also I really think- even if it will be just a book- that it would complement the installation.

See you on Tuesday, have a nice weekend




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  1. great. do you also think that we should keep it simple? I know what you are thinking of, I did some as part of my BA final project. A3, one side poster, other side programs for the institution I designed for. They look like this: , , :) now I am for Black and White though

  2. I think you are right, we can also put the frase very simple but inteligent one that can resume the intalation to what is design and could be at the flor very big just at the ├źnd of the instalation.

  3. I am not sure in the floor. I would love to have something poster or book or flyers, leaflets..

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