Jumper – progress pictures

Hello everyone – hope you all had a nice break. Sorry I haven’t been able to post any pictures sooner but I didn’t have much internet access back at home!

the pictures show the colours I used ( some are combined as it was the most effective way to knit them in ), the jumper being knitted, the knitted front panel and the colours weaved up into the jumper.


I will bring it in to look over on monday – to see whether we wanted more or less colours threaded through and to check the hanging threads work with the rest of the installation.


Can other people make 12/1pm on monday?

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  1. I am going to be in on Monday anyway for a graphics tutorial (I think) so I can make it.

  2. Yes, same here, so I ll be there, too.

  3. Jumper seems nice!!! I will be there on Monday too…:-)

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