exhibition thoughts-colours

So it looks like that we have the idea. I think this is an alternative,a little bit abstract way of how we show design process,so from now we have to really know why we do something and how. Let’s see the colours. It is an important part to consider how color will be used in the installation. I am reading the Visual Research book now where I found a clever part about the colours. “Whilst the intelligent selection of colour palettes and combinations of colours can be employed to create design that is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer,it can also work to emphasize hierarchies,structures and relationships.(…)This is an area of cultural association and how messages are encoded and decoded by particular audiences dependent on issues such as background,education and age,for example.” So we should think about if we want to communicate anything with colours / different colours,or we dont. If yes I think we have to know why do we use exact colours or at least how the colours relate to each other… We discussed that we want to make differences between the ropes..but we should think about if the whole part of the ropes should be colorized or maybe just at the ends…? For example I find it as a nice narrative maybe to show how things will get sense at the end of the process.. But this is just an idea.. Let’s speak about it! Also please try to search for materials also. Sorry for any typing mistake I am blogging from my phone. Friday we should meet again!

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  1. Yes,good questions.. If we begin with all whites,then maybe we say all are equal, where it begins to get colorized,we can think about the artangement for example. But maybe we dont need any hierarchie,because we dont give meaning for the ropes = here i mean values. I think the arrangement at the top could be equal.

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