About the friday morning meeting

Hey guys!

After we put the paper on the wall, Fabienne, Erico and I sat down a little bit to discuss about what we have done today. I won’t make it long, we got to the point, where we realized, that it might got a bit messier than we thought it will be (it’s a bit complexed than as it sounds, cause actually Erico and I were on the same opinion, Fabienne also, but in an other way..). :) I know that we’ve already discussed it before, and I know the concept, but I was wondering if the rest of the group is OK with it, tuesday morning we could reorganize it a bit. I just need that all of you agree, don’t be afraid to tell your feelings, thats the point in a teamwork. I am fine to go to the school a bit earlier, and if some people could join, would be awesome. I was thinking about that with those brown and blue squares its just not that understandable where the loves and hates are. My idea is to do it in this circle system but right-left organized loves and hates, and what we really love a bit closer to us, and what is a bit more neutral, would get further. Same by the hates. I know its not easy to work in a group, everybody has an individual taste, philosophy, passion, interest etc.. and I also know that this is just the beginning, but because some other people were on the same opinion, that’s why this initiation. I also think, that we could plan this a bit more properly, but we have time to improve the poster if its ok and important for the group. I think we are on a good way, and I know its not easy to work like this, but I think we can do it. It’s just about the communication I think. So guys, question is open, answers are welcome! :)



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  1. Guys I think Anna is right! I can come to Uni earlyer on tuesday or monday morning but i think as it is a group work we should comment and agree with
    the changes if important to most of us. :-)

  2. Thanks Erico! :) Who else will come?

  3. I am also in with the thought of organizing the mind map in a way, that it has more clarity and clear vision or just re-thinking how we can make it more understandable.

    So.. Shall we meet at 9:00 am on Tuesday in the room where Poster is…

  4. ok, 9 is ok for me! thanks!

  5. Fabienne! thx, yes we should speak about the presentation part also.. I agree with the idea pointing out the concept.

  6. Ok then so lets organise the thougts on tuesday! As it says on the e-mail they sent to us – (You will need to consider how best to communicate your ideas in the most effective and convincing manner)!
    Se yahh!

  7. I have an idea, we could pick some words, that describes our concept the best. Write them with big black markers on cardboards, and just show them up when we speak about that word/topic. I dont know if you can understand, and it can be a bad idea, also, this just came to my mind now.

  8. So we just spoke with Anika, we ll be here from 8:30 in the room. Fabienne: could you please bring the big papers? Thank you! See u tomorrow.

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