Cubes, visualized

Part of our way about what is design we tried to find out our manifesto as a group. For this, Fabienne and Erico created these cubes, each of them are a visual impression of our values we think are important in the design process. Every value is represented in a small and a large way, so we could decide how important is the value we chose. We’ve already posted it on the blog, but now, here is the visualization of it. The gif contains all of our values, followed by the individual value collections. After, we summarized our data, to see which values were the most popular, and which we can put in our final group manifesto. It was a fun way to do, and instead of writing and speaking, we used something touchable now. It’s important to mention that this is just for the group, this is our own visual language we created, and also have a key for it, so anyone can see which value is which form. This was just for finding out the groups point of view about the manifesto, and visualize it in an interesting and fun way. We didn’t want to create a general visualization for these values, this is just a temporary thing. I think it was fun to play and discover things this way, and I am sure this technique helped us to find out how to create our final exhibition visualization, because we want something touchable, interesting, new object/installation, that involves people as well. Let’s continue in this philosophy! And also please feel free to edit the post, because I don’t know which picture belongs to which group member! Just write your name under your collection! Thx! Any post/ idea connected to the exhibition know- how is welcome here from now! Even if not that direct, but anything can make anybody think of anything :) If you know what I mean. We will do a brainstorming on Tuesday, but we can do it here on the blog, too!

The cubes were created and ‘styled’ based on common sense, common design principles, and a bit of colour theory – but they do not attempt to be a 100% accurate representation of the values they are supposed to transport. So for example anything that had to do with emotions would have rounded edges and colours that would correspond to an emotional reaction. Rational cubes would have rational shapes, clear lines, etc. You get the idea.

ps.: if anyone owns the key which cube is which value, please edit this post, and put it here, I don’t have it!

Anna’s cubes- purpose(as a base), process, response, multidisciplinary, adds value, emotional, memorable, interactive, functional, humorous, ethical, quality, styling, unique, contentment, integrative

Fabienne’s cubes below. Purpose as a separate thing (it stands on its own, because to me, if it fulfils a purpose it’s design. All other things simply make it GOOD design). Function, Process, Innovative, Generating a response, Provocative, Rational, Quality, Contentment, Styling, Ethical,  Integrative. 


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  1. that’s ok I think, we can do it tomorrow! Thanks for editing the post with your cubes! :)

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