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I just want to thank you everyone the work and collaboration that led us to the final outcome. As Millie mentioned too, the group has already got a couple of positive feedback. :) I think we did a good job, and worked a lot. I hope everyone enjoyed it in any way, and learned things that can utilize in the future. Today the exhibition has to be taken down. Please think about which word you want to own. I really would like the designer and believes for me.. :) If it is not a problem. I planned to write the final post (love and hate list as discussed) on Monday evening, so if anyone has more photos or anything to share about the project, feel free to do so until then. As Fabienne also mentioned, could be great to share any ideas, feelings, anything about the final outcome, or about the process below Fabienne’s last post.. or of course you can create your own post about it if you prefer so. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shall we meet at 4:00 pm today to take off everything…..

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