simplified packaging

Hi guys, I showed you yesterday this article about simplified packaging. I think this would be an interesting topic to discuss. What do you think where is the line between too much and too minimal? Is the “Less is more” philosophy valid at this point? I am really curious about your opinion, because I am a big fan of clear design, but here according to the circumstances maybe it’s “too less”..I like this way of experimenting how to find the borders of clearing the information in communication design though.. Is it good? Bad? What do you think?


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  1. Hi Anna
    I really like the proposal of this guy but unfortunately it would just be efective with very known brands as its stands out at the market shelves. I know clean pacakges would be really interesting as it can be ecological. Less printing means less ink, less visual polution and very direct information!

  2. I think they all are well known brands, with well known logotypes. And there are some where I like the middle solution better than the first one. E.g by redbull ,durex, shweppes, mr muscle and pringles. Nutella’s 3rd picture also looks really good. I also think that there wouldn’t be any problem in communication if the first nutella ever made would have been put with the 3rd design on the shelves. I think it’s about how the designer “educates” people with the first packaging. I dont find more interesting the first nutella then the 3rd. Indeed. I think its much better. The white clear logotype looks interesting, unique and recognizable on the chocolate brown color.

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