Hey guys today Anika, Fabienne and I started to think about the organization of the ideas on the wall how the words should be linked and then think afterwords how to trasform this in a beautiful piece. This draft study is just for all to be aware how we organized our thinking. We basically divided the wall in three main groups (The DESIGNER; The CLIENT and The AUDIENCE) and how the sub link words will be conected to one another ending up to the PURPOSE word which is the filter to feed the jumper as an outcome.

There are new drawing and new studies as well dividing this main groups by simmilar collors forming a triangle just  like a PRISMA where it can lead the chossen values to the outcome.

I will also post some images that can help us to decide how this infographic can finish in a nice and beautiful peace.

Fabienne please post afterwads the images of the second test.



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  1. Hey! :) I just got home! It looks really good! :) Thank you guys! I ll send you the chosen typeface, soon!

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