I love Designs that are based on “Less is More”.

Thanks Anna, You have given me the perfect reason,

Why I love Kindle and Apple products, as they are the examples of “Less is more”.

Steve Jobs often said that his primary design principle revolves around,

Not what you can add, but what you can remove.

From Mac desktops with its all-in-one design,

To the iPod with its simple, multipurpose click wheel,

and the iPhone, with its blank glass palette and single home button.


And, this is the reason I Love Kindle….

I can download a library of over 90,000 books to carry around in my purse, Its weight is less than a standard paperback book, wirlessly connects to the Amazon store for buying-on-the-fly, gives newspapers, blogs and current events wherever I am, allows to listen to books, with plenty of room for hours of listening time—and memory card add-on, that are smaller than the size of a postage stamp.

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  1. I am glad that my post brought you to this conclusion! I try to design and live by the less is more philosophy. :) I think functionality is about concretizing the question (problem, need) and give the simplest appropriate answer (solution) that we can find but also works. I wish designing was as easy as I typed in this sentence.. or maybe not, because if designing would be that easy, I wouldn’t enjoy it that much. :)

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