hates and loves in design

I hate useless things. Probably this is one of the most popular item on the hate lists, but there is a reason why. We don’t need more wasteful objects around us.

This is a crumb vacuum.

And if it wouldn’t be enough, it can be worse: Animal shaped crumb vacuum.

I don’t think I have to say more about it. For me this  just ugly and useless. I hate it. When I was a kid, one of my mom’s friend had one. As I can remember it was loud, big, ugly and it needed a lot of charge. Why to have one if we can clean up the table in much easier and quicker “natural” ways? Here is a good opportunity to show a nice design solution, which I love for the same “problem”, that crumbs exist.

A two in one bird feeder table. Our bird will recycle our crumb. I think this is a lovely idea which is also environmentally friendly in a way.

Continuing with hates, I also can’t understand graphic printed toilet papers.

I also hate, when a design is not planned, just made. I don’t like if a design outcome is illogical. For this I have another example, once I got a nice teapot as a present, where the designer probably didn’t know physics that much, so to get tea out of the pot was almost impossible. Form and function has to be hand in hand. I was thinking about what if the creator’s idea was to “design” a teapot for just decorative purposes? Totally useless, maybe something looks good, but if you can’t use it, so you can’t also enjoy it, then this is not a great design anymore. Here is an example for another design-fail.

A not well planned design can also cause disaster. It might sound a little bit tough if I say bad design can kill, but in 1996 Düsseldorf, there was an airport fire, where 17 people died, 87 injured. The information system wasn’t precisely designed and because of the thick smoke, people couldn’t see the small, poorly lit signs showing them the way to safe places. So here, it is a fact, that bad graphic design killed. Erik Spiekermann and his team were asked to redesign fire exit signs after the incident.

“Overstuffed design” is also on my hate list. We are getting more and more information from day to day, so I think that design also will tend to be more and more clear  with time. This is an all-time design question, where is the line between something too much and too minimal. I think harmony and balance are crucial in every kind of design. Design has to help to clear up the loads of information, so make our life easier. Essence is the keyword. Clear, logic, understandable information in one design piece. For designers is hard to decide about the essence. This is really complex, but if we know the circumstances, and did a proper research, we can decide easier. Designers are “information filters” of the humanity.

A quote by Paul Rand:

“Providing meaning to a mass of unrelated needs, ideas, words and pictures—it is the designer’s job to select and fit this material together and make it interesting.”

I hate when design is gratuitous. We were speaking about this with Patrick from the MA Illustration, and we were on the same opinion, that the difference between art and design is that design has to be about the people whom the design is made for, and it’s aim is not to show the creator first. Design is about the users, art is more about the artist who created the art piece. If someone is a designer, his design should be the first and not himself.

Continuing with loves…

This was a little bit easier for me, because fortunately there are a lot of logical, clever, friendly and interesting innovative designs in the World which I love. I will show some of these now.

The first example is about how design can solve social problems from a low budget where it is really needed. In the third world many people can’t wash their hands with soap. From almost nothing people can easily build up their own tap, thereby reducing the diseases, and death. Here is an example video  and some locations, where these kind of taps are in use: http://www.tippytap.org/tippytap-locations

I love conscious designing. For an example I selected a work designed by a friend of mine. I love it’s clarity, and I love how the project is builded up. Designing a great identity is one of the most challenging part of graphic design, but also one of the most interesting one, too. The idea is based upon a simple but recognizable system and sign. The identity is made for a transport and logistic company. What I also love here, that next to the strict designed structure, playfulness is also part of the concept.


I find a design great if it shows something we’ve already known from another point of view, or redefines a well known object with some added values (or function), which makes it more interesting or even more practical.

Design solutions are around us, they are part of our everyday lives. The designer is the person, who recognizes the needs, finds the solutions, and makes them visible in an interesting but selective way. Here is a simple example of something might won’t  save lives, but the problem of how not to forget a great idea during a shower is solved.

I love in design, that it is versatile. It can be just about a game, but also about a really important and serious problem, too. Every project has its own specificity, being a designer just can’t be boring, or monotone. So many unsolved problems around us, or even which still doesn’t exists. Also humanity is currently creating new problems and new questions that needs to be answered in the future.



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