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Guys we missid to take a photo with the whole team and the piece. I think that was quite impportant. At least we took with three of the members, here it is.

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Bye bye instalation

Its a shame we have to put everything down but here it is!

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At the exhibition

Here some images of the public apreciating our instalation.

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Building the instalation

Hi guys its a shame we couldnt leave the instalation for much longer time as everything should be taken down and it was on friday afternoon. Here some images of our making process which I think would work really nice … Continue reading

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Hello guys here the other images of our last meeting testing the strings on the wall. I just spoke with Anika about what we should do to make easy the process when everyone come back to Uni. I think we … Continue reading

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Guys here some images about string art for us to think how we should combine the strings between one word and another. For the main words I think should be a full word filled with strings but the other ones … Continue reading

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Thinking about how to organise our words and links  I though would be interesting to search some visual inphografics or mind maping. Probably helps to find our particular way of doing it beautiful.

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Hey guys today Anika, Fabienne and I started to think about the organization of the ideas on the wall how the words should be linked and then think afterwords how to trasform this in a beautiful piece. This draft study … Continue reading

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Trasparent Box

Here a representation of the idea I have just explained in Anna’s post. Use trasparent(acrilic) cubes with words insede of it. We can also try to highlight the edges because acrilic absorb the light and reflect to its edges.

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Guy I had an idea that in our instalation we could swap the rope for elastic fabric like a cotton lycra. If we buy some meters and cut them in strips and twist them making the nots we make nice … Continue reading

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