almost finished

So today we finished the words, tomorrow we will put them on the wall and connect them. I did some photos with my phone, because we could not decide either arranging the words connected to CLIENT diagonal or straight to the corner. You can think about it and tomorrow we can discuss it. Tomorrow will be the last day. Thank you everyone helping today! :) see u tomorrow


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working with the yarn

hi, so today  I continued working with the yarn, I got 2 words with me, I ll finish them at home, and I think we have 3 more words undone. I ll bring them back tomorrow, together with the yarns I use. I have the pink, the beige and the terracotta one with me. I corrected the mixed colors words. I used 3 threads next to each other and I went through 2-3 times on each line. I just tell this because of the thickness of the words, there are some where I think just 2 threads were used, they look a bit thinner.. anyways we ll see tomorrow how they look together, and we can correct them if the contrast between the words is too big. FYI on weekends the elevator is closed, so you have to go up to the space and product design worksop in a bit tricky way. You can use the stairs located opposite to the staff room by the entrance, go up to the 3rd floor where you can cross some studios direction to the building where the product and space design room is, and you will find the studio. I just tell you this, because today I tried to go up from the workshop direction, the door was closed and I thought that this part of the uni is closed, but then someone showed me the other way. Anyways. I took some photos of the finished words. Btw Millie and Madina did a really good job yesterday! Thx girls!

One more thing about the capital words. I spoke with Millie today because I thought that those main words are going to be done with a cross- technique, that I think Alex did, and I saw in an older post about the trial words.. so Millie tried, didn’t really know how to do, so she decided next to the outlines. I really like it that way, and I think they fit together with the handwritten words well, but we can redo them also if you think we should use the other technique for the main words. You can comment what you think about it. The word AUDIENCE is undone, though.

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workshop day

Here are some photos we did today in the workshop while working. If anyone else has photos of the yarned words, could post them too! They look good. Who is coming tomorrow to continue the yarning that Madina and Millie started today?

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Planning – Nails required per word/ letter

I have calculated 4 of the words to get an estimate idea of how many nails we require…

I think we require, at least 1 kg of Nails, where there are 1000′s of nails…

As every word will require 100′s of nails and the big words 300 of Nails..

So, on an average 200 X 22 = 4400 Nails.

Attached are the images, for reference.. Please click on it to see the details


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Typo Measurements & Calculations – Part 2

Rest of the word’s measurements….

Typography Info:

I have used Din Bold font with the letter height of 13 mm, for 3 stakeholders and

Handsome Regular  font with the letter height of 6 mm, for rest of the words.


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Typo Measurements & Calculations – Part 1


Please click on the image to see the measurements of each word & the board size.

In similar way, I am writing the size of Board, which we need to cut for every word. Plus, if we minus 4 mm from each side we will get the weight & height of the letters, which we are going to print.




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feedback of Tutors – 8 Jan







As per the feedback mail of Collin, they have asked to re-look at the words…

These are 19 +3 words we are using in or exhibition…

Please comment on this


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quick typo update

so we are going to have the words with DINPro Bold ( we spoke with Anika, and we think Bold is enough, we don’t need the Black version) and a handwritten style one, called Handsome. They look like this next to each other:

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New Jumper Pictures

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Jumper – progress pictures

Hello everyone – hope you all had a nice break. Sorry I haven’t been able to post any pictures sooner but I didn’t have much internet access back at home!

the pictures show the colours I used ( some are combined as it was the most effective way to knit them in ), the jumper being knitted, the knitted front panel and the colours weaved up into the jumper.


I will bring it in to look over on monday – to see whether we wanted more or less colours threaded through and to check the hanging threads work with the rest of the installation.


Can other people make 12/1pm on monday?

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