Update on colors

The prepared Jumper has








which has long ends to it. Which can connect to other colors…

But, there is no possibility to alter new colors in the Jumper…

Millie will upload the pictures of Jumper this weekend to get more clarity on it…

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two new colours

These are the new red  and blue color came…. as we ordered…

so we can replace the orange and lighter blue with these two colors…


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Colors selected

These are the final colors which we have discussed to go in the Jumper…

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Alternative to Jumper

Hi Guys,

I was thinking on the alternative of Jumper, which Colin emphasized to think over..

I am wondering if we use the final hanging thing as DESIGN rather then Jumper, and what we showing is the process, connections and the links which are involved in Design…

So we are not getting identified with one product, I know that using wool has then different meaning to it.

Like a visual representation of What is Design?

I called Millie for the status of Jumper, let her come back with the status…

So taking the suspension as….


So, it can be made of Wool, like The letters D E S I G N






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Wire typo inspiration (just in case.. but I am still for the nail option)

I just found a man and his Etsy shop who does really beautiful wire typography! Here are some examples.

Also I found an article about on of his works, where the author writes: “I love their idea of typography on a wall, easily installed by puncturing two small holes.

Actually I am not sure yet how heavy it can get together with the yarn, but its a good starting point if we choose this option. Also we have to pick quite strong wire, but they can be just machined with special bending tools. Does the school have some stuff like this? I have already worked with wire during my BA, it looks easy, but actually its not that easy to work with. I am also wondering about how to fix the yarn onto the wire… etc..

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Hello guys here the other images of our last meeting testing the strings on the wall. I just spoke with Anika about what we should do to make easy the process when everyone come back to Uni. I think we need to plan graphicaly the layout to both walls also plan the spaces of the nails at the chosen typography so it will be easyer if we print when we do the workshop fase. We also need a plan about the colors that should come out of each letter or word.

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What to do next

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a nice time, I thought we could summarize the stuff we have to do until the exhibition. We could also make a schedule, so we will know who will work on what, when and where. Last time when we spoke about the typography part, we were thinking about to use our own handwriting, maybe we could think about it again, couldn’t be more consistent to use a handwriting looking typeface that we agree on. Here are some examples. I think it could work fine as we spoke about it before, we just print the words out, and put the nails in it, then we can remove the paper and we are “ready”.

and some more inspirational pictures here, also with severaly typo solutions:




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Merry christmas everyone!

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CertifyD, or Not to CertifyD?

I just came across this interesting article, that I wanted to share with you. The article explicates interesting questions about the certification of (graphic)designers. I remember we went through this topic a few times during our way to answer the question what is design, so I thought it could be interesting for you.

“To CertifyD, or not to CertifyD? That is a question that only you, a practicing graphic designer, can answer. What do you think?”

certifyD microsite

“certifyD began as a graduate thesis building a dialogue between the communications design industry and the possibility of certification in the USA. My aim to become a platform for sharing ideas that strengthen our field and unify designers of diverse backgrounds, training and experience under a common goal: the consummation of our field as a valued profession.”


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Guys here some images about string art for us to think how we should combine the strings between one word and another. For the main words I think should be a full word filled with strings but the other ones could be more simple.

This image is just to remind about the last discussion in how we can make the 3 main words as edges

for a triangle of strings just as a prisma.




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