Design I Love

I love design that helps me enjoy the world.

example : Instagram.

- it transforms the introverted nature of looking down at your phone into an outward looking action. – it takes full advantage of the iPhone as a camera, a viewing screen and as a web enabled social network device. – it’s fun and immediate, really simple to use and free.

I love design that mixes mediums.

example : Jenny Chen’s books and .gifs

 - they’re a beautiful and simple idea that’s also actually a satisfyingly complex mechanism. – She has really exploited the physical and tactile elements of printed paper. – she has then really successfully translated this into a .gif for advertising.

I love design which is beautiful in itself.

example : decorative light-bulbs and furniture joints

- both are essential and everyday useful items. – the decorative features are founded in and expanded from their key components. – the objects are simple and familiar whilst also being new and engaging.

I love design that challenges principles.

example: Teddy Girls (shot by Ken Russell)

- Their clothing challenged ideas of clothing as signifiers wealth, status, occupation and age. – The girls who embraced it and adapted it were challenging gender in clothing and defining a new kind of femininity.

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