Design I Hate

I hate design that’s unnecessary.

example: individually wrapped bananas, ‘blank’ pages

- neither serves any actual or immediate use but takes time and attention to understand or unwrap. – they slightly insult the intelligence of the person interacting with them. – they are wasteful

I hate design that doesn’t properly achieve it’s goals.

example: understanding the VLE

- understanding the VLE was complicated, there were a lot of steps to get through and the information was scattered. – there were other working, accessible and familiar sites that served similar purposes.

I hate design that compromises.

example: my pepper grinder

- made in a ‘classic’ design and materials i.e. wood but made with cheap mechanisms. – it was slightly expensive due to the design and the materials but is essentially worthless as it doesn’t work properly

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  1. Bananas in individual packaging are outrageous. Good Call.

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