I Love Patterns

Oh yes, I love patterns! As a concept, they are integral to the way we live. The sun rises and falls everyday, and we use it to count the days, months and years that we plan everything around. Our cells form patterns when looked at through a microscope. The heart beats regularly and the lungs breathe in an out in a (fairly) steady rhythm to keep our bodies running. But this blog is about design, not word soup. Here are some examples, not not an exhaustive list of all the patterns I love:

1: Islamic Patterns

As they are not allowed to directly depict Allah or the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims artists use patterns as a way to celebrate the divine  I suppose these patterns are the Muslim equivalent to statues of the saints or stain glass windows. They are inspired by both natural and geometric forms. I like them for their intricacy, the craftsmanship that it takes to carve them, and the fact that they are abstract enough to appeal to non Muslims. They are accessible on a purely aesthetic level.



2: Tessellating Hexagons in Bee Hives

Okay, this is not really design. The bees just build their hives this way. I suppose some people may believe that God designed bee hives, but that is a discussion for another time. Anyway, plowing ahead: The hexagon is the most efficient and stable tessellating shape and I find it amazing that swarms of bees manage to co-ordinate and build their hives in such a logical and ordered way. Behold:



3: M. C. Escher


The last example I am going to give are the patterns created by M. C. Escher. Again, I am impressed with the complexity and craft they took to make and the mathematical skill of the artist. Animals, fractals, impossible dimensions, it’s all there. Not much else to say really:


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