I Love SOCIAL Design

Hi guys , for some years I have been hearing about design concepts and for me ones that interests me is that says that Design  is a tool and a knowledge to improve people’s life.  There are so many aspects that we can provide this quality but the ones that really calls my attention are SOCIAL Designs. I am not talking about the acts of charity that in fact is important and we appreciate but in fact I think that people don’t need handouts, they need opportunities, products, technologies that could make them sustaining. The ones that doesn’t simply help one or more people but  that can reach thousands. Design equipment / products / procedures that may assist in the activities of small communities or people who are fleeing war, drought, poverty and natural disasters. There are lots of interesting examples that come up to us to reflect it. One of them is The Hippo Water Roll , a simple solution that allow people in Africa to transport water to their houses. The people used to carry long distance water gallons on their heads! They are projects with low cost, functional and ecologicaly correct.

See more: http://www.hipporoller.org/project/about-us

Another simple and interesting one not projected by a designer but by someone that understood the need of the economy of energy during the day and need of light to so many houses that does not have electricity in their homes at the countryside of Brazil. The people can made themselves, is cheep and efficient. There is a video here thet it is in portuguese but you can understand through the images.

Other projects that I also love and that I feel proud for taking part in my previous experience is social and sustainable design projects that interacts design ,traditional handcrafts and community needs that mix ancestral knowledge to moderns design technics. The aim is always to bring a social and economic impact, rescue of the culture and opportunities to its areas and communities work.



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  1. I always loved this project since I have just seen it years ago. It is really interesting!

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