Hi guys,

Just a personal opinion, I think just collecting designs valuable for our memory is a bit weak as it does not involve so much of our work, the theme is cohesive, but they are not our design! Even the presentation could make it professional still needs to be questioned. Remember the lecture with Colin about the Chinese designer SongDong’s exhibition? same concept, much more massive. I don’t mean not to be supportive, I think we should have strong ideas even facing the critics from supervisor. Well, I might be wrong, I think it would be better tomorrow we have a deeper discussion.

I have no problem with our design manifesto, it is a good one, but shall we do our own design? Most of us are international students here, how many items with memory have we been taken with you, plus like Hazel says, if it is so valuable we cannot even exhibit it. I understand we all get worried, same here. But read through the feedback of all groups none of us is perfect, have confidence, if we can still use the box have a strong opinion to persuade audience our design manifesto clearly why change now. I think the next idea should be better than the pervious one so we can change it, not because of the criticise as whatever we do there will be criticise from different audiences.

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  1. Hi Barry:)
    We definitely need to discuss this more tomorrow so we don’t end up with a weak project or even start complicating things again. Tomorrow’s session is gonna be very important for all of us to sort out how we want our project to be – as a whole group of course – since we don’t have much time left (1 week before the break and 1 after it!). and I don’t think that you’re not being supportive, we’re all concerned about this project and want it to work well, and it’s very important for all of us to be on the same page and agree on a ground for the project so we can develop it well all together.
    Also, when we met on friday, we just decided to think more about what we were doing not only because of the feedback we got, but also because many of our group’s members weren’t comfortable with the way we were developing our project and thought that we were complicating things and not delivering our message clearly..and since we got the same feedback from Colin, we had to think more about it. Anyways, we’ll try to find a solution that suits all of us tomorrow:)
    As a side note, last friday, we discussed the idea of having objects that we did not actually designed and thought that our design part would be the display…as you mentioned SongDong who collected thousands of items creating a sort of a story of his family and childhood memories, I think that we should keep in mind that we have a very limited time to finalize our project (whatever we end up doing)…
    SongDong’s work is definitely impressive, and this is not only because he had a massive number of items but also because of the way he displayed them…”The show, consisting of over 10,000 items has been in eight different cities and in each one it was displayed differently….It is a life’s work, not a piece of art.”

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