my favorite things list in everyday life!

1. my old Nikon Camera

2. Jean Paul Gaultier designed coke from last London fashion weekend !

3. Ladurree macaroons I like the macaroons taste especially pistachio almond  and these brand package design as well. black dress. Always IT item !!!

5. handcraft muffler.  I like all items with handcraft!!

6. Moleskin diary.  I used this diary for couple of years! it was awesome both design and function!

7. old cartoons.  (Toy Story, Disney , Ann …) it makes me feel warm.

8. Teddy Bear

9. Nike ID shoes. it can make yourself your own shoes.

10. Barbie dolls


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  1. i got images of barbies taken from my own camer, shall i show you tomorrow? i think pictures we owned are better than google ones

  2. yes to the camera.
    collection of coca, take picture together
    about the macaroons we know there should be something to do with bakery, but need more research
    not sure how clothes would work as each single item is so isolated and confusing
    not sure about scarf as it is not clear
    maybe to the diary, probably a collection of diaries.
    yes to the 3D animation, take a picture of the actual DVD cover.
    try get a really old nike shoe or simply a logo

  3. I like 5 to 10!

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