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Ok guys this is the first draft for the exhibition writing, I am going to work on it more this evening before sending it over to Paul, but thought I would show you how it is shaping up! And has anyone thought of the statement design is …? Still working on that! 

Everything around us is designed, whether by chance or for a specific purpose. What cannot be planned is the means by which we interact with these every day objects. From the emotional response we have on seeing our first birthday present from a loved one to all the memories we can gather from seeing a picture of the room we grew up in. How affected are we by these memories and do we all have a timeline which starts with one design and leads us to another?

In contemplating this question, we have brought together a selection of images of everyday objects that to the average audience may seem random and fragmented, but through their personal connections to each owner actually create a narrative of events. Each image evokes a memory or a feeling for the person who took the picture, that can be traced back and captured within that object.

We propose that this emotional layer of design, though often not acknowledged by the designer is in fact seminal to the whole process.It turns design into a discovery, into a source of inspiration, into an unpredictable concept. It gives old, everyday, unloved objects a memorable past and a forward facing story.

As we collect this timeline of memories, the designer within each of us, whether consciously or not, is inspired by objects we have interacted with. We design according to our experiences and so the process goes on and on in a continous loop. With this unpredicatable element to design the future of the objects we will interact with and add to our memory timeline is an unforeseeable discovery.

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  1. Thanks for the text Hazel:)
    In a previous commet, I mentioned that ‘Design is a memory stimulator (for both the designer and the viewer).’
    In fact, everything around us is designed; and the person or group who designed it were mostly inspired by things they’ve seen before, things that affected the way they think. As for the viewer, when he/she sees a certain object (ie table, chair, toys,…), it might remind him/her of something in the past or even of a person..
    Maybe we should add the definition as a first paragraph? (when we finalize it or at least agree on it)

  2. Yes that sounds great I shall add that in and post the new version tomorrow! Design is a memory stimulator sounds like a great title to me!

  3. I like Design is a memory stimulator, personally I like ‘stories imprinted on our timeline’ as well. It can be the title of our album

  4. Sounds great! :)

  5. I am just about to email this to Paul, it will have the title; Design is a memory stimulator. I haven’t edited the text as I feel that the definition of memory stimulator is still in there already and is highlighted by that being the heading.

  6. Thanks for the writing Hazel !! : )
    see u next week!!

  7. Thanks Hazel!

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