Barry’s annotation

I appologize for my post was one at a time as I was waiting some images from abroad.

Here are my annotations, if you think some of them are irrelevant please let me know.

Age: 14

where: China

Memory: This was the most popular and the highest technology to learn language at that time. the recorder can repeat sentence or words as many times as you set it. The design reminds me more bitter times of learning than the enjoyment from it.


where: Northern small town Xiajialou, China (population about 100)

memory: This is more a story told by my parents to me: when they got married they literally have nothing, everything on the table and the table itself is all we got, we can move by just carrying all our belongings in a basket.

Age: 5

Where: Xiaoqing, China (population about 2000)

Memory: we moved to our new home, life got better, I got my first Barbie doll from my aunt and the digital watch from my passed away grandpa.


Where: Diaobingshan, China(population about 2million)

Memory: worst period in my life so far. High school. Ugly glasses, uniform everyday in school. Hated everyone. It’s really funny now looking back as I don’t have so much unhappy memories though.


Where:Nados, London

Memory: Just an idea of trendy glasses, not that different from my teenage one, no?



Memory: My performing at Shanghai Pride festival, that was the true myself, at the same time I still haven’t found my true self.


Where: London

Memory: Study tripe looks like a holiday as some point.



Memory: My first vintage luxury bad purchase.

Age: 26

Where: Tibet

Memory: collecting item for the sake of memory. Jewery is a good idea for me as I can at least keep it.

Age: 21-27

Where:all around the world

Memory: This bag has been with me travelled in China from north to south, from east to west. Now I carry it to Europe, it has been to Pairs and London. I’m still using it and loving it.

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