new pictures

here are some new pictures/objects..I m also posting here an updated picture of one voted ‘maybe’ in the previous posts.

1. Cups and mugs. 2002-2012, I am kind of obsessed with collecting mugs and cups from everywhere I go, each one of these have a special memory that reminds me of the trip I went to and each one have a different design.2. Coins. 1980′s-2012, Throughout the years, my mom used to collect coins from different countries and gave them to me in 2004 when I started adding my own collection to them. What interests me in these is not only the way they changed with time but also the detailes thought of designs they have. 3. Glasses and tree. 1990, this picture of my brother, sister and I reminds me of loads of things; the heart sunglasses I always used to put on, the old Christmas tree and tiny decorations we used to put on, our old house,..

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