My Texts

1. Alien
Age: 6 (1995)     Where: Thailand
Memory: The most horrible model that I have, Alien, bad dream when thought of this thing.

2. Color Pencil
Age: 6 (1995)     Where: Thailand
Memory: My favorite tools in the Arts subject when I was at school, use this to make the creative works.

3. Gillette Shaving
Age: 15 (2004)  Where: Thailand
Memory: Boring with the moustache and beard, used this for the first shaving.

4. Mini Cars
Age: 3 (1992)     Where: Thailand
Memory: My Mum and Dad bought 1,000 mini cars for me. They said that I really enjoy playing them when I was a child.

5. Plain White Shoes (“Nanyang” Brand)
Age: 12 (2001)  Where: Thailand
Memory: Plain white shoes, very cheap, always wear this when playing all kind of sports, such as, running, football, tennis,
badminton, even Thai social dance.

6. Ultraman Great Model
Age: 6 (1995)     Where: Thailand
Memory: My super hero, when I was young, this is what I want to be when I grow up. Not a Scientist, not a Spaceman, but Ultraman.

7. VDO Cassette (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)
Age: 8 (1997)     Where: Thailand
Memory: When I see it, always think about the family time that we have to watch movie at home together. When I back to Thailand
I’ll find the time to watch some movies with my family again.

8.Victorinox Knife
Age: 10 (1999)   Where: Switzerland
Memory: My first Europe’s souvenir from Switzerland, the cool stuff, but made me bleeding.

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  1. 1.Doze
    Age:4 (1992)
    Where:My home in China
    Memory:That was the last one of the film, I was very sleepy, almost asleep, my toys on the table.

    Age:4 (1992)
    Where:My kindergarten in China
    Memory:It was a sunny afternoon, in kindergarten, I really like the only bright big cock.

    3 Basketball court
    Age:7 (1995)
    Where:My Primary school in China
    Memory:The school playground is land, very simple.

    4Cat dish
    Age:8 (1996)
    Where:My sister’s home in China
    Memory:The plates with Cat is a decoration in China in the 1990s.

    Age:10 (1998)
    Where:My home in China
    Memory:My dad’s pager, a Motorola black one.A lot of people put the pagers on waist. Di Di Di, sounded, it would display a phone number or a brief, people who received the message have to find a public phone to call back.

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