Final layout + text

Hi guys,

thank you for posting the texts; below are 2 sample pages with the adjusted layout and texts.


As we agreed on Friday, I’m gonna print the texts in the format shown above and we’re gonna stick them to the book draft Bez’s going to get on Tuesday morning.

For those who didn’t update their texts yet can you please do that tomorrow morning so I can add them to the ones we already have? thanks!

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  1. Thank you so much Yara. If you need any help, please tell me. I’m sorry that I didn’t help you much.

  2. Thanks Yara.
    I would prefer having 4 corners for the photo and no corner for text.
    Lets discuss.

  3. Yes I like the four corners too! I like the format you used for the text. We may have to edit the text once we have it all together in the book, just so that everything reads really well.

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