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I wrote them yesterday aswell but I dont know where it went, so here it is + the dates and places.


1- Box.

Age: 8-9 (1998)

Place: Basque Country


My late grandmother did this box for me. She died when I was about eight years old, but I remember an amazing amount of things about her and specially how much I loved her. This box is important for me because she thought about me while painting and engraving it with my initials, MG.



Age: 3 till today

Place: Basque Country

A constant in my life since I could hold one.

3-Micro machines

Age: 8-10 (1998-2000)

Place: Basque Country

They drove me crazy when I was a kid, I used to have a three floor parking building with slides, lifts and car washers, but this one disappeared and now my father collects the cars and adds new ones from time to time.


Age: 0

Place: Basque Country

This cute blue bunny is called Rufus, and is the first friend I had. He heard all kind of stories and secrets (which he kept very well). It was given when my mother gave birth to me by a friend of hers, and it´s still with me.

5-Disney films

Age: 5 (1994)

Place: Basque Country

This movies drove me crazy since I was very little till I was a bit too big for them… I have a whole collection of VHS tapes that I just can´t through away.

6- Cats Mobile.

Age: 0-1 (1989)

Place: Basque Country

My uncle made it for me when I was born and I still have it in my room…


Age: 13 (2003)

Place: Basque Country

I´ve never known how to dance a Whirligig, but we always had them at home since it was one of my mums favourite toys when she was small. I think they have something innocent and pure as toys.

8- Music tapes.

Age: 16 (2006)

Place: Basque Country

My first boyfriend recorded these for me when I was sixteen.

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