Homework after Friday meeting.

Ok so after organising everything today we are getting there, but people need to do the follwoing asap:
-Save to a usb the original high quality file of the photos that are being used.  Bring them in on Tuesday so that we can go to the shop and print them.
- Upload the writing that goes with the relevant photo. The format we are going to do this is shown below.


Age: 19 years old (2009)

Where: New York

Memory: Me and my friends all bought the Statue of Libery foam hats while visiting Liberty Island, which made people take just as many photos of us as they did of the actual Statue of Liberty.

Progress of everything else will be udated later today.

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  1. we also decided that we should’ve the text as well as title and sentence options ready by Sunday morning so we can finalise them for Tuesday morning

  2. 1.Doze
    Age:4 (1992)
    Where:My home in China
    Memory:That was the last one of the film, I was very sleepy, almost asleep, my toys on the table.

    Age:4 (1992)
    Where:My kindergarten in China
    Memory:It was a sunny afternoon, in kindergarten, I really like the only bright big cock.

    3 Basketball court
    Age:7 (1995)
    Where:My Primary school in China
    Memory:The school playground is land, very simple.

    4Cat dish
    Age:8 (1996)
    Where:My sister’s home in China
    Memory:The plates with Cat is a decoration in China in the 1990s.

    Age:10 (1998)
    Where:My home in China
    Memory:My dad’s pager, a Motorola black one.A lot of people put the pagers on waist. Di Di Di, sounded, it would display a phone number or a brief, people who received the message have to find a public phone to call back.

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