Friday discussion for the next step

can every read through all the comments, work on the images we say take again. and find anything else we need if there are any gap or relevant images even not ones of your idea? upload them, use our actual images, no google images at all, all the images have to be done buy next Thursday morning so Hazel can put them in order. we’ll see how do they put together and look. no more describing, one clear sentence about each of the item.

people need to work on the manufacture of the book production, bez, do you want to take charge of that as you have the experience, we need to print them out on the friday of 4th.

shall we upload the design and layout our your ideas of cover of the book and inside layout pages of the book as well pls so we can make the decision soon.

Have a nice Christmas holiday, at the same time work as much as we can so when we back to uni we can have the first initial draft of the book.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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  1. Thank you guys, was great talking to u all today and Merry Christmas!xx

  2. oh and I can work on binding the book or help Bez if she wants

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