More photos

This is a photo of me when I lived in Cyprus and I picked this photo because of the dress. My mum made me the dress and that fabric ended up staying with us and we made clothes for my dolls and teddies when I was older.

This is from my brothers wedding, his wife made then to wrap around the napkins for all of the guests! It was a little thing that everyone could take home and it reminds me of that amazing day.

These are my glasses from when I was really young, I picked these ones because they are the only pair left that we have from when I lived in Germany, I was four when I had these glasses and they are the typical style that I got all the time when I went to the options in Germany and I remember that they always had toys to play with too.

This little fruit machine was my nan’s and I loved going around her house and playing on it! When she passed away I got to keep it, so it is a little reminder of her! And it is also a piggy bank!


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  1. These are the first photos, but will ask my mum to take better photos for the real thing! Just wanted you to see the objects!

  2. yes to the babe dress
    an actual picture of wrapping lace of wedding please
    setting and show the size of bank machine

  3. I love all of them but I agree w Barry that the wrapping lace needs more info in the picture, it is hard to see the importance without text.

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