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I realized that I am keeping mostly a small objects as I have been moving quite a lot from Korea to Holland and to UK.


Although they are very small tiny, the memories from these are very strong and it might be the reason why I am moving with these for almost 10 years from the other side of county.

1 Bangle to cheer Korean football team in 2002

As some of you know there was a big event, Korea/Japan worldcup in Seoul.

Most of Korean wore the Red T-shirt called Red Devil with Red Accessories.

This was the one of them I was wearing while I was in the tremendous clouds in 2002.

Memory of Big Event.


2 Binyeo (Traditional Korean Hairpin)

Bought in Praha in 2006, but it is Binyeo, which is the traditional Korean hairpin.

I was wearing this pin when I travelled with my best friends and while my study in Delft.

Memory of travel and study in Western Eastern


3 Earrings

I strongly wanted to buy this earring before I left Delft in 2007, but I decided not to buy this as it was a bit expensive for a student.

Finally, when I visited Delft in 2008, I popped in the same shop and managed to buy.

It seems that it has been waiting for me for one and half years.

This became my best favourite earrings since that moment.

Memory of last chance


4 Earrings

Another one from the other accessory shop in Delft.

It was a Christmas gift from my husband in 2005, and he gave this in the fish restaurant in Barcelona.

Although I am not wearing this anymore, I am keeping this for the valuable memory.



 5 Necklace

 Rolling memories.

 It was initially the gift for my mum from my friend, and she very much liked it and kept it more than 7 years.

 But she finally decided to give it to me as it was too colourful for her and it is more suit to me.

 When my friend bought this one for my mum I was advising and this necklace became mine finally.



6 Glasses case

This has been with me for 12years since I met my husband in relationship.

Even though so many glasses were passed by this has been an empty room for the next glasses.


7 Name card case

 It was a gift from my friend when I moved my practice from the first one to the second.

 I have been using this case while I was working in Korea and London and will use this for the nest name card as well.



8 Old jumper

 Most of clothes I am keeping are very comfortable clothes, nothing special.

 It was previously my sister’s jumper until she gave this one to me in 2002.

 Obviously it is almost 15years old and I were today when I went to gym.

 The happiness from the coziness is irresistible!



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  1. Personally I think this group of pictures are really strong as they showed both designs has been updated and designs never age. the necklace has such a strong culture background, could remind us history, at the same time current fashion reference it a lot recently made it modern once more.

  2. love the accessories and the card holder!

  3. friday meeting we vote for the necklace and hoody, but take another picture of hoody not on the stand
    maybe to the card case, picture with it open

    • Agree, it might be too formal position.
      I will upload new one for hoody.
      I have card case opened, but chose this one as it show more wear and tear.

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