My Photos

Here are some of my photos, I have more but they wouldn’t upload for some reason! Will get them on as soon as I can!

This is the cork from the champagne bottle my parents bought me for my 18th birthday and it is an old tradition to put a coin in the cork and keep it, so this marks a special birthday!

This is the hat that I got for running a half marathon in sept 2011 and I was raising money for Diabetes.

This is a Peter rabbit figure that I have had since I was a baby.

This is my piggy bank, I made it when I was 9 and I used to go to pottery classes every saturday and my house is filled with things that I made but this is my favourite as I can use it.


This is my ball dress from when I left school at 18, I remember the day that I bought it, I went into Newcastle with my two friends and had a great day shopping for this, and last year I wore this dress on Christmas day because I wanted to wear something special, even though it was a bit dressy!


This is an umbrella that I bought when I was 18, at my school we had a singing competition and my group sang the friends theme tune and bought lots of umbrellas as props, and we won!



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  1. yes to champion cork
    story of marathon.
    kids ornaments do a collection of them
    try different methodology of picturing banks
    maybe to the ball dress
    yes to umbrella

  2. Dress and umbrella!

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