1. computer game I had, it was paper based!
2. old telephone
3. old objects we have at home
4. a collection of old objects we have at home (ie. a tea pot, tiny chandeliers..)
5. old balance, they still use similar ones in villages
6. picture of horses..I used to try replicating it (drawing smthg similar) when i was a kid
7. old coffee cups wheel..i just love the way it works
8. a picture in a village in the mountains..it shows the ‘old part’ of Lebanese houses


And of course these pictures are not the final ones, they’re just to show the objects (same for the other post..and the text)


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  1. more picture to 1
    yes to the telephone
    yes to the scale
    no to the painting
    no to 7
    more picture of NO.8

  2. 1, 2,5 and 7
    I love the old coffee cups wheel, Amazing!

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