10 things from Karat

Hey guy, I post 10 things from karat. He is traveling now.

1. Alien – The most horrible model that I have, Alien, bad dream when thought of this thing.

2. Colour Pencil – My favorite tools in the Arts subject when I was at school, use this to make the creative works.

3. FHM – The book that I think most of men must have seen before, at least one time.

4. Football – My favorite sport, the most exiting sport, played it since 2-year-old.

5. Gillete – Boring with the moustache and beard, used this for the first shaving.

6. Mini Cars – My Mum and Dad bought 1,000 mini cars for me. They said that I really enjoy playing it when I was a child.

7. Nanyang – Plain white shoes, very cheap, always wear this when playing all kind of sports.

8. Ultraman Model – My super hero, when I was young, this is what I want to be when I grow up.

9. VDO Cassette – When I see it, always think about the family time that we have to watch movie at home together.

10. Victorinox – My first Europe’s souvenir from Switzerland, the cool stuff, but made me bleeding.

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  1. I seriously love all of these images, they even reminds me of my childhood and the old time from toys to sex magazine, quite full cover of our timeline as well, well done!!

  2. photograph teenage boy toys together, maybe a pic when you were young holding them and playing
    different picture of colour pencil
    put the sex magazine on the bed, maybe we can even do magazines in the teenage years as well.
    like the idea of the football, need better content.
    yes to shaver, an actual pic, not google pic
    yes to the car toys, mess them in a pile,
    no to the shoes
    video cassette, get an actual picture.
    yes to Victorinox, but we need the actual item pic, not google image.


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