Order of book

Right guys, after Fridays meeting with Barry, Inae, Luzy and I, this is an idea of the order and content of our photo book. I have numbered the photos so that people can comment and most importantly so that people can write the sentence that will accompany the photo. If you can all please read all the comments that we posted last week and update the photos so we can get a clearer idea! I have just realised that I have missed Yara’s photos out, so when everyone updates their photos I will make a new copy of the order and with all the photos. Also some of these are google images so please can your photos taken asap. We are looking to print them maybe on 2nd Jan so its not long to get it all sorted!

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  1. we should have more images than these, so anyone who hasn’t upload please still do. Also yes, I agree a google images should be changed to real ones asap.

  2. I like these 46 photos. they are really reminding the forgotten memories.
    Have you discussed any format for the text?
    Shall we stick to the formal information of the objects?

    1 When ( year or age)
    2 Where
    3 Who
    4 How

    Less information gives more imagination.

  3. Thanks Hazel!
    I also like the pictures and the order but I agree with Barry that we should have more images..

    I like Bez’s suggestion about sticking to the formal information of the objects (when, where, who or what and how); this way the text will be consistent in the whole book.

    And if we’re done with the text before next tuesday night, I can print a draft (of the text put in the layout) here in Beirut for much cheaper:)

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