This is my hat from when I went to New York a few years ago, me and all my friends got them and wore them that whole time we were at the statue of liberty, people starting taking photos of us because it seems that nobody else actually wore them!

This is the bracelet I got for my 21st birthday from my brother and his wife, they also bought me the scroll for graduating so its is a bracelet to celebrate important things.

This is my boyfriends teddy called tigre, he built it at a build a bear before I met him. He gave it to me because we have had a long distance relationship and so it was something to cuddle, since I don’t have my own teddy and I have kept it for the last 3 years!

These shoes I got for Christmas last year from my parents but the main memory is walking around Rome in the snow in February, when it hadn’t snowed there in 27 years! Not the best shoes for snow but they stood out!

This is a hat that my boyfriend bought when we were travelling around Morocco this summer, all the locals wore them in Chef Choen!

This is my perfume bottle, I have had lots of this one over the years, but it reminds me of when I was 15 and hanging out with my friends and playing stupid games! Makes me smile and the smell reminds my friends of that too and they always used to borrow it, reminds me of a fun and carefree time!

This is the advent calendar that my mum made for me when I was younger and it was so exciting everyday to see what was in the pouch!

This is a glass ballerina that I bought my mum for Christmas for the tree when I was younger, then after that we collected glass ornaments for the tree and now it is covered in them!


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  1. liberty statue head set should have a backdrop of new york.
    21 brace-lace got vote
    we need more teddy bear, bring them in take pics together as this is universal
    vote for the shoes as it’s romantic and tacky in a good way
    no to hat
    we can do the perfume selection lay them according to timeline from younger to older
    retake the image of calendar,
    glass ballerina MAYBE, as we need to compare it with other similar things

  2. a glass ballerina and shoes are great

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