Schedule updates

Wednesday 12.12 (tomorrow): we need to post our comments on the updated exhibition text before 4p.m so Hazel can put it all together.

Thursday 13.12: send the updated text to Paul for feedback. We also need to find the ‘magic word’; design is a…

Friday 14.12: send the final second draft to Paul

Wednesday 19.12: by wednesday, we should have all the pictures of objects on the blog (we can get google images for the moment) so we can vote and start the we said, it would be great if each one of us posts more than 10 images/objects so we can have a wider range to select from

Please do write 1 sentence under each picture so we can know what it is/what it means for you…and this will most probably used in the final book

Friday 21.12: meeting at 3p.m (and whoever can’t make it but can be on skype can help you guys) to do the final selection and decide on how we want to classify the objects

Thursday 03.01: print the pictures.

Meanwhile, Bez’s gonna post pictures of the books she binded…Luzy and I are gonna post some typefaces that might be suitable for our album so we can all decide on 1. Also, if anyone finds paper/material that we can use or has any idea concerning the issues mentioned above, please post them here!

see u all in January!:)

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