Summary of today’s meeting

Here’s a summary of today’s session and the chat we had with Colin and Paul ;

- our project’s gonna be mainly a massive photo album where we’re all gonna put pictures of objects that reminds us of something specific or means something to us.

- Some of the pictures will be taken now and some of them will be original pictures we already have.

- we should be the ones who write on the album not the audience; it can be spoiled by people’s writings

- design has an ‘unforseen’ future

- design has an extra layer out of our control – the emotions

- we’re embracing a forward story with our collection

- we have the idea now and know how we want to do it, we just need to articulate it more clearly for tomorrow so we can send it to Paul.

I think that we had a great session today; from brainstorming to having a solid ground to build our project on. At the beginning of today’s session, some of us still had concerns about this project…but I’m glad we sorted everything out at the end!:)

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