updated pictures

1. Cigar box. 1995, a simple old cigar box that I got from my uncle from Cyprus few years ago and that I use as a storage box now.2. Old phone. 1992, old phones used to be my favorite, I always used to spin the numbers to hear the sound they make.

3. Bride and groom statue. 1980, for me, this is not just another cake statue, it was my parent’s and we still have it till now.4. Old manual scale. 1990′s, this two-pans balance is part of a collection we have in the village house. Few years ago, I used to consider it more of a game try putting objects in one of the pans so the other one goes up. 5. Paper based computer game. 1980′s, this was the first computer game my parents got for my brother and that my sister and I used later. I just love the way it works,and the simplicity behind it; unlike the new computer games. 6. Baby walker. 1990, the oldest game we have at home, I learnt walking using it and I’m keeping it in my room until now. 7. Russian dolls. 1985, two Russian dolls and one straw doll all from Russia. I don’t really like them; the straw doll especially but they remind me of my childhood, they’re one of the few items we moved from our old house to the new one in 1989. 8. Lebanese houses. Picture taken in 2010 and 2011, a picture in a village in the mountains, it shows the old part of Lebanese houses and our culture that is now fading away.

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