Objects/photos 2

1. mask I got from Venice 4 years ago. I was actually impressed by the designs of masks they have.

2. I’m kind of obsessed with ‘shots’, this is part of the collection I have, and they also have amazing textures, shapes, colos, designs
3. an old Greek drink’s bottle. It’s design is too different from the bottles we usually see, with the 3D greek statue on it
4. a ‘doll’ (I actually hate it but it reminds me of my childhood)
5. an old photograph of Beirut after the war, most Lebanese people (and of course I’m one of them) have this picture imprinted in their memories.
6. this ‘object’ was on my mom and dad’s wedding cake and we still have it at home till now. 
7. old hanger used as a bell 
8. an old cigare box that I use as a storage box now
9. this ‘game’ is the oldest game we have at home, I learnt how to walk using it! 
10. a pipe.., I used to imitate my uncle while he smokes

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  1. may I say when we upload pictures please add annotations as well because the first three photos give me one idea: PARTY though I do like that vodka bottle detail but if you don’t tell the story they might be not that strong and I think even at the stage of our selecting images we should think about these

  2. sure:) I thought it might be better to check the objects/pictures first since we need them to be ‘impressive’ and relate to others before seeing the text..(i’m not talking about the quality of the image since we all posted sample pictures just to show the objects).

  3. Friday meeting discussion:
    no to mask,
    the liqueur section needs a better picture, also we needs to be convience it is relevant as the drinking strong never change all these years and it is not really a positive image of life, so does the bottle, we all like the vodka bottle, but drinks would be nice to show the lifestyle as well and it would be nice to reflect the changes of time. basically we need more pics
    we want a selection of barbies
    maybe to after the war building we’ll see does this fit the rest of images
    yes to the wedding cake statue, maybe another pic
    no to the hanging thing
    retake pic of cigar box, open and close, clean background, it is a yes
    retake photo of NO.9, better angle, clean background or background with a story
    maybe to the pipe, we all like it, but not sure about does it goes with the rest of images

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