Bez’s text

1 Age 1, 1977,

Incheon(Home),South Korea

Memory of my first birthday at my home


25 Age 6, 1982

Incheon(Living room),South Korea

After my primary school entrance ceremony with new school bags


42 Age 15, 1991

Incheon,South Korea

a hand-made thimble by my grandmother’s friend who died in 1995


49 Age 18, 1994

Incheon,South Korea

Dried inks for the Rotring pen that used in my first year in architectural school


57 Age 23, 1999

South Korea,Netherlands,UK

Roots Canada Hoody from my sister that has been worn since 1999 till now


60 Age 24, 2000

Seoul,South Korea

My first name cards case in my second year in my first practice


61 Age 25, 2001

Seoul,South Korea

Samsonite carrier bag, traveled with me all the time since 2003

2001 9 Japan

2003 3-6Europe+Newyork

2004 2 Washington+Ottawa

2005 2 Japan

2005 11 fromHollandDusseldorf

2005 12Barcelona

2006 2Belgium

2006 4Germany, Praha

2006 6Stuttgart,Frankfurt

2006 7-8Korea

2006 11London

2006 12Paris


62 Age 27, 2003

Seoul,South Korea

Hand-made travel guide book by myself for the architectural trip toEuropeandNew York


63 Age 27, 2003

Seoul,South Korea

Video Cassettes used for the documentary film at my second practice, Samoo architects and engineers


64 Age 29, 2005

Seoul,South Korea

Piglet (my teddy bear), The gift from my husband when he left one year before me toDelftfor study.

I went to bed every single night with this doll and now this became the teddy bear for my daughter.

Psychological comfortableness from the Piglet for two generations.


65 Age 29, 2005

Seoul,South Korea

Paper coaster, that kept from the fantastic night with my lovely friend at my favourite jazz bar in Gang-nam,Seoulcalled Once in a blue moon.

Memory of the moment in that place, music and fragrance.


66 Age 29, 2005

Seoul,South Korea


Rolling memories.

It was initially the gift for my mum from my friend, and she very much liked it and kept it more than 7 years.

But she finally decided to give it to me as it was too colourful for her and it is more suit to me.


68 Age 30, 2006

Delft, TheNetherlands

Earrings from the other accessory shop inDelft

It was a Christmas gift from my husband in 2005, and he gave this in the fish restaurant inBarcelona.


69 Age 31, 2007

Incheon,South Korea

Movie ticket_Lust, Caution

The film I saw with my mum in the night before flying out toUKin 2007.

Although I have a millions movie tickets inKorea, the only ticket with me is only this one.

The most valuable moment with mum before leavingKorea


70 Age 32, 2008


Chair from the first flat that was very poor condition with purple colour painted.

My husband painted in white while he was painting our kitchen and he left the feet with the previous colour in purple and I drew cat’s face and feet onto it.

It was abandoned from the previous owner but we really liked its comfortableness and oldness.


71 Age 36, 2012


SewingBox1977from charity shop

Mum bought for me as it was someone’s Christmas gift in 1977.

Although it is not related with my child hood, it reminds me 1977, when I was 1 year old baby.

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