Bez’s objects in everyday life

1 Chair
I don’t know how old and who made.
It is from the first flat in London 2007. It was already very old and poor condition with purple colour painted.
My husband painted in white while he was painting our kitchen.
You will see that he left the feet with the previous colour in purple and I drew cat’s face and feet onto it.
It was abandoned from the previous owner but we really liked its comfortableness and oldness. We didn’t need to worry about wear and tear and we still use it as a main chair in my studio.

2 Document storage
This furniture was from France and previously used in UK.
When I bought from antic shop, there were the paper tags from the previous owner.
I have been looking for the right furniture to store my documents wisely.
This one is just perfect for my documentation, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any similar product recently.

3 Pillow cover
The first Pillow cover when I moved into Delft for my study, marriage life.
It was practical, cheap and simple product from IKEA.
This worn down fabric is giving an incredible feeling in my bed.
Although I have many pillow blanket cover, we still prefer to use this one, and we are not going to discard this cover forever.

4 Piglet
This is my teddy bear.
The gift from my husband when he left one year before me to Delft for study.
I went to bed every single night with this doll and now this became the teddy bear for my daughter.
Psychological comfortableness from the Piglet for two generations.

5 Thimble
Handmade thimble by my grand ma’s friend.
Functionally I don’t use it, but I am having this because the memory behind.
This is the only one object related with my grand ma and also it is my mum’s favourite as well.

6 Sewing Box 1977
From charity shop in UK.
It is not my memory but my mum bought for this for me as it was someone’s Christmas gift in 1977.
Although it is not related with my child hood, it reminds me 1977, when I was 1 year old baby.

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  1. i vote 1, 5 and 6:)…the thimble is amazing!

  2. yes to the chair
    not sure about the drawer fit with the rest of items or not.
    take another picture of the pillow cover and see if it fit with the rest of our items
    take a picture of the thimble in the process of sewing

    • not sure taking picture of thimble in the process as it is not true.
      I am not using it that way.

      btw, Barry, why you are ordering to everyone?
      If you are asking everyone’s opinion, that’s ok.

      I took these pictures with consideration, and it seems not right asking what you want to everyone in that way.

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