Hi all,

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays! I have retaken all my objects that were voted for, and have written out the new sentences below. The photo of the roller skates and the computer may have come out a bit weird (my mother took them!) I tried to fix them a bit on Photoshop but I’m not sure whether i’ve done a good job :S

I have also added a bit of extra info in the format shown below in bold, as a possible way of displaying the text. I understand that some objects may not have a year in which it came out as they are personal objects like photographs or things that have been custom made, so this may not necessarily work. Please let me know your thoughts! :)

<Object name> <Year it came out>

<Year of possession>

<Sentence about memories associated with the object>

Object 1:

Push Puppet toy, 1932

Year of possession: 2012

A new obsession of mine, due to the fact that I’m looking at them in my project at uni. I love peoples reactions when they play with it. A fairly simple concept, and yet it still puts a smile on everyone’s face


Object 2:

Cupcake Doll, 1990

Year of possession: 1990

The rubber dress of this turns inside out and a plastic cupcake cover is put over the top to transform the doll into a cupcake (unfortunately I lost the top). What fascinated me most about it was that she actually smells like a cupcake. It may just be my imagination, but even after 22 years the scent still remains.


Object 3:

Casio Magic Diary, 1993

Year of possession: 1994

My first digital organiser. A pre-historic smartphone, minus the ability to call or text. One of my favorite features of it, was being able to create avatars of the contacts in my address book. Ironically, I was too young to call people up on the phone at the time, so I didn’t need their numbers anyway.


Object 4:

Polly Pocket, 1983

Year of possession: 1991

What I loved most about this toy as a child was the fact that I had a mini portable doll house that I could take with me wherever I went. Despite its small loose pieces, I always made sure that not to lose any parts.


Object 5:

Nintendo Game Boy, 1989

Year of possession: 1990

My first games console. One of my most fond memories was the cold nights in America and me curled up in the backseat of my dads car trying my best to beat my latest Tetris score.


Object 6:

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, 1960

Year of possession: 1990

The favorite of the 3 Dr Seuss booked I owned. It came with an audio cassette that read the book out to you, but as a child I always preferred reading it myself.


Object 7:

Mr Men & Little Miss books, 1971

Year of possession: 1989

I owned (and still owned) the whole series of these books. My  mother was forced to read one book each night before I went to bed. I refused to sleep until that was done.


Object 8:

Little Mermaid Roller Skates, 1760

Year of possession: 1993

I insisted my mother buy me these, simply because I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid. I couldn’t roller skate at the time. I then tried to learn by failed miserably. To this day I still can’t do it.


Object 9:

Apple Macintosh computer, 1984

My mother wrote her PhD thesis on this computer and therefore refuses to dispose of it. This was my first interaction with computer technology. With internet almost non-existent at the time, I would spend my days writing stories and drawing pictures on the Paint program.






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