Bez’s tools

1 Old camera
My first camera, Nikon Coolpix 995
I love the rotating system of this and it was perfectly suit to travel alone for self shooting, and for structurally stably without any pods.
Although there are many brilliant cameras, this one is the most fantastic camera yet.

2 Camera bag
Not well designed. Just from the Camera shop as part of product.
But, I travelled a lot with this small bag as it amazingly carrying my all necessary stuff at once safely.

3 Carrier bag
This Samsonite carrier is 13 years old, travelled with me all the time till now.
1996 5-7 Europe (8weeks)
2001 9 Japan (1week)
2003 3-6 Europe+Newyork (14weeks)
2004 2 Washington+Ottawa(1week)
2005 2 Japan (4days)
2005 11 from Holland Dusseldorf (3days)
2005 12 Barcelona(6days)
2006 2 Belgium(3days)
2006 4 Germany, Praha(7days)
2006 6 Stuttgart, Frankfurt(3days)
2006 7-8 Korea(5weeks)
2006 11 London(2weeks)
2006 12 Paris(5days)

4 Video tapes
It contains the documentary at my second practice in Korea.
I filmed my colleagues after the seminar and never played afterwards as I don’t have a player.
It reminds the moment at my work with my dear colleagues in 2005, even though I couldn’t see the movie inside.

5 Dried Ink
When I was studying architecture in 1994, all my classmates had the Rotrring pen.
It represented that you are an architectural student at that time.
I don’t know where the pen is now, but still keeping these inks to keep the memory of my school life.

6 Triangle ruler
The most important tool for the architectural drawings in 1994.
At that time we didn’t use computer to draw the architectural drawings.
Instead we used these rulers and inking pens and paper.
Oh! I really missing the moment when I drew the perfect section with black ink and this ruler.

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  1. no to camer as we got two already,
    retake the image of suitcase of either opening or unpacking show the narrative of it
    yes to video ink
    maybe to see if it is needed of the ink
    take more pictures of triangle ruler to show the size and other things

    • Agree no more camera
      Prefer not to opening as it was traveled with this position all the time.
      I don’t think the size of object is important for this ruler.

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