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These are the photos of my actual objects (apart from the magic diary, mr men book and the push puppet), i will get a proper one of that soon) but as I will get my mum to bring some stuff with her and the others i will just have to train her to take better photos :p

1) My Magic Diary: My first virtual address book, I was 7 when I got this and was marvelled by the things it could do, my favorite part was creating the avatars of the contacts in my address book. Funny thing was that I was too young to call people up on the phone, so I didn’t need their numbers anyways.











2) Push Puppet toys: A fairly new obsession of mine, due to the fact that I’m look at them in my project at uni. I love peoples reactions when they play with this toy, its such a simple concept, and yet it still puts a smile on everyones face








3) Cupcake Doll: The dress turns inside out and a plastic cupcake cover is put over the top to transform the doll into a cupcake (unfortunately I lost the top). I remember my favorite part of this toy is that she actually smells like a cupcake. It may just be my imagination, but even after 22 years I think she still smells like one.











4) Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Suess: I had 3 Dr Suess books as a child, this one being my favorite. It came with an audio cassette that read the book out to you, but as a child I always preferred reading it myself. I would pretend to be a teacher and read it to my pupils (i.e. a bunch of stuffed toys).











5) Ornament of man blowing a bubble: I remember my parents always having conflicting views on everything. This is one of the issues I remember the most. My dad had this ornament in his house before he got married (along with lots of other ugly looking things). When my mum came along most of it got shoved into storage, but my dad insisted on keeping this out. Despite the fact that I think its hideous, I’ve grown up with it and therefore feel a certain attachment to it.











6) Gameboy & Accessories: My first ever games console. I remember cold nights in America, curled up in the backseat of my dads car, and trying my best to beat my lastest Tetris score.











7) Apple computer: One of first Apples (more commonly known as Apply Macintosh’s back then) compuetrs made. I think this one came out in the late 80′s/early 90′s. My mum wrote her PhD thesis on this computer and therefore refuses to dispose of it. This was my first interaction with computer technology, there was no internet, so I would spend my days writing stories and drawing pictures on paint.











8) Roller skates: I got my mum to buy me these when I was 6, simply because I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid. I couldn’t roller skate at the time. I tried to learn byt failed miserably. To this day I still can’t do it.











9) Red coat: This is one of the few remaining items of clothing I have from my childhood. I had a photo of me wearing this coat at the airport when we were leaving America to move back to Bahrain.











10) Mr Men books: I had ALL the books as a child, and my mum had to read my one each night before I went to bed. I refused to sleep until that was done.











The sentences need some refining because I jsut did this quickly just so you get an idea! hope this helps, please let me know if you need help with anything else :) x

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  1. yes to magic diary
    like the toy
    maybe to cupcake doll
    yes to the green eggs and ham book
    no to Ornament of man
    yes to Gameboy & Accessories
    yes to the 90s computer, take a side view as well!
    Roller skates yes
    no to the clothes
    yes to MR.Strong

  2. Ok thanks for the update, I will retake the photos with the objects behind a white background.

  3. I like most of them apart from the ornament of man and the red coat.
    Thanks Fatema

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