My 10 things

Here are my 10 things.

1. Paper dolls – This paper dolls can make children more imagination even it’s just a paper.

2. Music box – The magic box makes the magic music for kids.

3. Glasses – The design of vintage glasses matches with the design of slice box.

4. Picture – The picture can remind us when we were young, isn’t it?!

5. Polaroid camera – Amazing camera in the world makes you receive your pictures immediately.

6. Starbucks Logo – Old design of starbucks logo. Which one do you like?

7. Cassette tape – Could you remember the first song that you had?

8. Pager message – Just messages but impact to everyday life.

9. Austin mini car – The best design for mini car. We use this car since the past until now.

10. Old Mac computer – The first design for Apple Company. Everyone know it. Clap your hands for Sir Jonathan Ive.

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  1. that computer, omg, even tele has updated to the thiner ones, perfect last century’s technology

  2. maybe have a 3D paper doll, but yes to this item
    yes to the music box
    yes to the glasses
    the youth pic, yes
    yes to Polaroid camera
    no to starbucks
    yes to cassette, take another pic, donate more images of cassette as well
    no to NO.8
    try get the image of the first car you own, or an old image of the one show that stage of your life
    try get the side picture of monitor of old computer

  3. I like all of them apart from no. 6 starbucks coffee.

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