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Hey guys,

Fatima and I worked on the exhibition text Paul asked for, please check it and give us your comments so we can adjust it accordingly and send it back to Paul tonight. Thanks!x

Memory generator.

Photo albums, Barbie dolls, polly pockets, game boy,.. Do these objects mean anything to you? Or do they remind you of something else?

With all the focus these days on what is new, we tend to forget about what came before the new, the pre-new. This is a step back in time allowing us to see the value of what came before, in order to discover and understand where we are today.

What is the relationship between design and these objects, you ask? On one hand, objects are vessels that retain stories, stories of the lives of their owners, previous and present; they’re personal yet universal. Regardless of whether the object is mundane, or of value, it speaks to diverse ages and cultures in different ways. On the other hand, design is often used as a narrative tool to depict the story of peoples’ lives that are personal to the designer but can also be recognized by most people.

We present to you a library of objects which have had particular impacts on members of our group yet will also have an effect on some of you. This library/collection is an exploration of the design of various objects, particularly from the past, and the stories they tell us about how we all once were. These are all iconic objects of their respective eras.

We invite you to approach, view, touch, hear and even smell our collection, and even create your personal narrative from the objects we have selected.

Group G.



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  1. I like it. Let’s refine on Tuesday.
    Thanks you both!

  2. friday meeting say no

  3. guys that was the old text, before developing the idea during last tuesday’s discussion!:)

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