Todays brainstorming session

Design is…

Design is a memory generator.

Design is a story imprinted in our timeline.

Everything around us is designed.

“Design is all around you, everything man-made has been designed, whether consciously or not”.

Ideally, “Designers try to look at the world in a fresh way, noticing new things and seeking inspiration. They gather insights, developing an opinion about what they see, deciding what is new and interesting, and what will inspire new ideas.”

Design is not only about what ‘it looks like, or what it means now…but also about how it relates to people and how it’s gonna affect them in the future.

Design has an extra layer out of control – the emotional …

We’re all attached to some objects we’ve had at a certain moment in our lives, and these objects affect the way we think, we go back to these stuff…

Objects might be old but they’re still valuable.

This project is a collection of valuable objects selected by our group’s a step back in the past to create a piece that will also have value in the future…that won’t fade with time.

Design is not only what the designer presents but also in how the person relates to it. This is the area of design that is unpredictable and out of the hands of the designer but the area of design that we feel is most important.  It is personal to how the person relates to the object and how this can form a memory which is imprinted in the persons mind. We are presenting you a book with a collection on images that are personal to our group but could also provoke an emotion or memory in you as well. It could be something you see everyday but reminds you of a particular time in the past.

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  1. design is evolution?reconcile past?memory revising? Picking up memories from the past on the timeline, get inspired, rework it, bring it to the future?
    we tend to get inspired by designs which have strong emotional impact upon us, that is why we collect items from the surrounding our daily life
    We are presenting you a book with a collection of images selected from our group members which trigger our memory, we hope they could provoke an emotion or memory in you as well.

  2. Design is more than just design, design evokes reaction and emotion.
    Design is a source of inspiration.
    Design is an intimate process
    Design is a lot more than you think
    Design is a tool which needs to be excavated
    Design is a discovery

    Im just chucking stuff out there… :s

  3. Design is a memory stimulator.
    Everything around us is designed; and the person or group who designed it were mostly inspired by things they’ve seen before, things that affected the way they think.
    When you see a certain object (ie table, chair, toys,…), it might remind you of something in the past or even of a person (and this memory lasts for a long time).

    • Sorry. I’m late to comment

      I like
      “Design is a memory stimulator” from Yara

      I think Our book can be a memory stimulator.
      When people read our book, they can reminde their memory and emotion from our objects.

      So we can communicate with people and it could make good new design.

  4. Yeah I like “Design is a memery stimulator” from Yara too.! :)

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