Meeting Friday

So we will meet at 10.30 in the lobby on Friday. A few things we will need to bring, if we are going to do a collective photo with perfume bottles, teddy bears and a variety of coke bottles/cans then could everyone bring them friday? For those who are still at home and are coming back for friday do you have a different coke bottle that we can add to the collection?
Also does anybody have anything with the nike tick logo as we wanted this as one of our photos but need someone to take a photo.
We also need to buy corners for the photo, I have found these ones;

But we can discuss this friday! One last thing, has anyone got a memory stick they could bring so then we can save all of the photos on it to take them to get printed?

See you all Friday, add anything else you can think of that we might need!

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  1. I think Friday we should print our first draft already as Tuesday is the selection day. I cannot meet you guys on Friday as I got placement to do, but please post your discussions here I will read through tomorrow.

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