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Snow white umbrella.

Age: 17 years old (2009)

Where: Uk

Memory: My friends and I performed the Friends theme tune (I’ll be there for you) in a singing competition at school, we all bought these umbrellas as props for the performance and we ended up winning!

Photo frame with dress in photo.

Age: 2 years old (1992)

Where: Cyprus

Memory: This is a photo of myself in a dress that my mum make for me when I was little, the leftover fabric ended up being used for everything; me and my mum made clothes for my dolls and bears and curtains for the dollshouse.

Pig piggy bank.

Age: 9 years old (1999)

Where: Uk

Memory: I used to go to a pottery class every saturday at this age, so my house ended up full of things I created. This is one of the things I kept hold of because I can still use the piggy bank and it reminds me of all the things I made.

Cork with a coin in it.

Age: 18 years old (2008)

Where: Uk

Memory: This is the cork of the bottle of champagne my parents gave me for my 18th birthday, it is an old tradition to put a coin in the top of the cork, I have a Euro in mine because my parents had just came over from Belgium.


Age: 6 years old (2006)

Where: Germany

Memory: These are one of my many pairs of glasses over the years, but this was the style that was very popular at the time when I lived in Germany.

Fruit machine.

Age: 10 years old ( 2000)

Where: Uk

Memory: This was my Nana’s and every time I went to visit I would play on this, I received it when she passed away and it reminds me of all those visits as a child.

Beaded dress.

Age:  18 years old (2008)

Where: Uk

Memory: Going to Newcastle with a couple of friends and shopping for a ball dress for the end of school summer ball, this was the first one I tried on and it felt amazing.


Age:21 years old (2011)

Where: Uk

Memory: I received this bracelet for my 21st birthday present from my brother and his wife, it has now become a bracelet to mark big stages in my life like graduating.

New York Hat.

Age: 19 years old (2009)

Where: New York

Memory: Me and my friends all bought the Statue of Libery foam hats while visiting Liberty Island, which made people take just as many photos of us as they did of the actual Statue of Liberty.


Age: 15 years old (2005)

Where: Uk

Memory: This is the perfume I had in my teens, it reminds me of summers playing out on the fields with my friends and every time I wear it it reminds my friends of that too.


Age: 22 years old (2012)

Where: Rome

Memory: These shoes were a Christmas present which ended up walking the whole of Rome when I visited with my boyfriend, it was the first time it had snowed there in 27 years, so the shoes got a little ruined.


Age: 19 years old (2009)

Where: Uk

Memory: This is my boyfriends teddy that he got in South America, he gave it to me to borrow when I moved away, so I had something to cuddle, I have kept it for the past three years now.

Nike trainers.

Age: 22 years old (2012)

Where: Uk

Memory: These Nike trainers I wore when I ran the Great North Run, they helped me run a speedy 13 miles and every time I put them on it reminds me of my achievement.


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