Bez’s paper based documents

1 Bez Cook Book

I made this book to record my cooking for the first year of my marriage in Delft, 2006.

Memory of the new cooking by myself after marriage.

2 Bez Travel guide book_Europe

You will see the oldness and roughness from this book.

I made this book for my 100days architectural travel to Europe in 2003.

This book was a bible, a diary and everything I needed during my journey.

3 Bez Travel book_Published

After 100days travel I made this book for my own record and finally published in Korea in 2004.

This book is only one original handmade book in the world.

4 Movie ticket_Lust, Caution 2007

The film I saw with my mum in the night before flying out to UK in 2007.

Although I have a millions movie tickets in Korea, the only ticket with me is only this one.

The most valuable moment with mum before leaving.

5 Paper coaster

I kept it from the fantastic night with my lovely friend at my favourite jazz bar in Gang-nam, Seoul called Once in a blue moon.

It reminds me the moment in that place, music and fragrance. Missing moment.

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  1. no to the cookbook
    yes to the travel but open
    maybe to the ticket, maybe a collection of tickets
    yes to the coaster

    • Travel book was not opened because it has more trace of time in the cover.
      I do have the collection of tickets in Korea, but what I brought from Korea is only this one.

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