Today’s meeting

During today’s meeting, we focused more on our ideas, the main space we want to have and the boxes themselves as well as how we want to present them. Here are the main points we discussed and agreed on:

- the large box should be 2x2m (but may change according to the space we’re going to get at the exhibition). We want it to look like a real box from the outside so the audience can get the feel that they’re actually going to go in a box, make it look like a box that is going to be shipped somewhere. On the other hand, we decided to keep it simple white from the inside so the focus will be on the sticky notes and the projection we’re going to have

- we will only use/design one side for our massive box, the remaining sides will be used for other projects

- the projection will be like a short animation of the process of opening the boxes and moving them around

- a message will be added somewhere on the large box explaining the process of going into the box and that the audience is free to move the boxes around or not

-  we will have a series of holes on each box designed in a way so you can actually have a peek and try to see/find out what’s inside the smallest box.

- all the boxes should work together but also stand on their own.

As for the design of the boxes, here are the ideas that were discussed;

- Yara: as mentioned in a previous post, either a simple box with some patterns related to a certain culture that can function as a small table or seat or a purely typographical box having a certain message that we want to give to the audience

- Hazel: as mentioned in a previous post, a memory foam box; people will leave like a mark on it or have it more interactive, like a game

- Barry: as mentioned in a previous post, a jacket serving as ‘box’ that you can open to see what’s inside

- Fatima: use objects from everyday life or things ‘I’ collect to shape the box

- Luzy had a concern that we have too much boxes and that it might be better to only have 1 box with the post-its and pens but we rediscussed this and got to the point that our project is all about the ongoing process and interactivity with the audience so we definitely need to have more than one.

- Maria: tricky box with a illustrations of a face (related to a certain culture) on the outside

- Bez: as the whole project is taking a more personal/everyday life direction (we already have a body shape, face, hand and language), all these can be contained in like a mini-house structure

- Xin: feeling of being like a fish inside the water, the the box would be like a projection of this

- Inae: making the box as a puzzle.

Finally, we agreed on the ideas we are going to adapt since we thought that 6 boxes would be more reasonable and divided the work between us so each one can have 1 thing to focus more on (please check them in the previous post).


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